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Co-Managed IT Services

Co-Managed IT Services by Schwalm Technologies in Central PA

What Are Co-Managed IT Services?

When considering IT options, a business can face a few hurdles in determining the best solution to fit their needs. On the one hand, you may consider hiring an internal IT team that grows with your business. However, depending on your company’s needs, these internal IT employees can have a large workload and limited skills. It may also be too expensive to hire additional IT employees as you need them. Businesses navigate these problems by utilizing an external IT resource. These IT service providers function as the IT department, but using these outsourced IT teams without an internal team still leaves some disadvantages.

A third option that bridges the gap between internal and external IT teams is called co-managed IT services. Co-managed services are flexible services that combine your internal IT team with an outside IT service provider. These two teams work in tandem to maximize IT support and help the business scale.

Advantages of Co-Managed IT

Co-managed IT services, or Co-MITs, allow businesses to access an external IT team’s expertise while still keeping access to their networks and technologies in-house. There are many advantages to these arrangements that can help the technologies grow seamlessly with the business.

Co-Managed IT Services Save Money

One of the most significant benefits of Co-MITs is the money saved from fewer internal IT employees and the ability to scale technology rapidly. As a business grows, the IT workloads become heavier and heavier. Internal teams may not be equipped for all aspects of the evolving technology needs, but having access to an external IT team can provide support wherever necessary.

Access To Technology and Expertise

IT teams entering into a Co-MIT contract with your business opens the door to access their resources, experience, and technology. This allows the internal IT team to tap into the external team’s network of IT solutions while still maintaining control over the business’s networks. The breakdown of responsibilities between the internal and external IT teams can be adjusted to maximize the output of each group.

Support For Internal IT Team

Collaboration and teamwork are the foundation to a successful Co-MIT arrangement. When used properly, Co-MITs can help internal IT employees with their workload while educating them and helping them grow as professionals. The knowledge and skills that a Co-MIT service provider can introduce to a company’s IT employees are just as valuable as the service itself. The division of responsibilities within a Co-MIT contract can be customized to fit the business’s technology needs.

In many cases, it may make more sense for the internal IT team to focus on daily IT tasks and maintenance while the external team works to build effective solutions for more extensive problems such as evolving cybersecurity tactics. It is essential that both teams enter into the agreement with mutual respect and understanding for the company's goals and their role in achieving them.

A Co-MIT partnership gives businesses the option to grow their IT departments while saving money and gaining insights. Co-MITs use both internal and external IT team skills to move the business, networks, and technologies forward. To learn more about co-managed IT services, get in touch with us!


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