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Five Interesting Tech Trend Facts You May Not Have Known

Tech Trends in 2021 with Schwalm Technologies of Central PA

Technology evolves so rapidly and adapts to our needs so quickly that it can be challenging to keep up with every change and trend within the tech world. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant technology trend facts in 2021 that will keep you at the cutting edge of tech.

1. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market is predicted to grow into a 190 billion dollar industry by 2025.

Artificial intelligence has been around for some time, but it is only beginning to impact many more aspects of our daily lives. AI technologies such as smartphone assistants and speech recognition are used millions of times a day and help us perform basic and complicated tasks with ease. In the near future, AI will be used to read and analyze data in order to better predict consumer behaviors and build personalized buying experiences.

New jobs within the AI and machine learning sectors emerge just as quickly as the technology does, and these positions boast high salaries. Needs for positions in support, testing, programming, development, and maintenance of artificial intelligence make this a top trend to watch out for in 2021 and beyond.

2. Blockchain Technology can be used in valuable applications outside of Cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Technology is often associated only with Cryptocurrencies, but there are many other industries we could see utilizing this tech in the very near future. Blockchain allows for a more transparent system of storing information, as it can only be added to and never taken away from or changed. This technology can be used in many industries to ensure more secure transactions, less error, and overall cost reduction.

3. By 2030, forecasts suggest that over 50 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices, or wifi-connected devices, will be used worldwide.

Internet-connected devices are everywhere, connecting to each other and making our lives easier. Wifi-connected devices have a range of uses, from lighting a room to starting our cars. This connectivity allows us to do a wide range of things like see who is ringing our doorbell, adjust the home thermostat on our way home from work, and even accurately calculate our activity levels with a fitness tracker. This technology is only in the beginning stages. These devices will continue to be developed with bigger and better capabilities, making our lives, our jobs, and our homes more connected than ever.

4. The need for Cybersecurity jobs is growing three times faster than any other tech job.

With the development of these new technologies and the expansion of connectivity in devices, the need for cybersecurity is steadily on the rise. Cybersecurity has to evolve as quickly as new tech does because new threats are constantly emerging. As long as there is tech, there will always be a growing need for more cybersecurity professionals.

5. The global Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality market are expected to grow to $209 billion by 2022.

We have already seen the implementation of VR and AR technologies into the mainstream, and the tech is just getting started. The use of these technologies can help boost marketing efforts, enhance educational experiences, and even assist in specialized areas like medical practices. Expect to see more jobs and needs develop rapidly within the AR and VR tech realm.

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