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Managed IT Services Save Time and Money

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What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Service is when a company recruits help with certain types of IT work from outside IT support companies. This IT Managed Service Provider, or MSP, can take over some of the business’s internal IT tasks to increase productivity, ensure cybersecurity, and reduce the team’s workload.

What Does An Managed Service Provider Do?

An MSP provides a variety of IT services depending on the needs of the company. Initially, an MSP will help a business evaluate where its services will work best. In many cases, MSPs will take over managing the IT network remotely and provide IT support, updates, and repairs. MSPs can work in tandem with the internal IT department while maintaining the systems, freeing up time for the internal employees to focus on other strategic tasks.

Depending on the IT firm, MSPs can have a wide range of services available, including cybersecurity, help desk management, company email services, cable/internet, and phone systems. MSPs will also provide up-to-date reports on the actions taken for IT support, and some may give strategic data that can help inform business decisions and streamline processes. Many IT support companies are including strategic planning with their clients as a part of their services package. This move allows businesses to make data-backed decisions for the future of the company. (We definitely do this!)

Who Should Use Managed IT Services?

Different sizes of businesses can benefit from managed IT services in different ways. Smaller businesses with no internal IT department can outsource their IT support to focus on maintenance and security measures while they build the business. Larger companies can incorporate MSPs into their existing IT departments to lessen their own employees’ load and outsource daily tasks to save time and money.

What Are The Benefits of Managed IT Services?

Businesses benefit from managed IT services in a variety of ways. MSPs’ outstanding advantages include cybersecurity risk management and solutions, timely maintenance and repair, IT cost savings, and proactive IT support measures. The most common hesitation about bringing in managed IT services can be the concerns of the internal IT team’s job security.

MSPs are intended to be integrated into existing IT departments and work collaboratively with the IT team to help overall growth. In general, companies have not reported reducing their IT staff in exchange for managed IT services. Instead, internal teams are allowed more time dedicated to important tasks and relieved of maintenance tasks like managing the help desk and implementing repairs.

Managed IT Services can be a useful addition when it comes to saving time and money while increasing cybersecurity measures and daily maintenance of IT systems. Managed IT services will look different on a case by case basis and can be customized to the needs of the company. The right MSP will work directly with your leadership team and internal IT team to find the proper services to achieve goals and help the business thrive. Be sure to express your concerns and expectations with your MSP when weighing your IT support options.

To learn more about your options when it comes it Managed IT Services, click here.


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