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Your Friendly Neighborhood IT Heroes

How we saved the day (as well as cash, time, and sanity) for our clients.

Information technology can be overwhelming for even the most tech savvy people. When we are assessing upgrades and solutions for different clients, they are often afraid of the initial upfront cost. When you break things down over time, however, you generally save some money in the long term.

More common than not, improvements are just a small tweak to your IT infrastructure or a more streamlined implementation. Like all good superheroes, we've got a some stories to explain our superness.

Devices Gone Rouge

Mobile device management (MDM) is a cost-effective and proven solution to meet your businesses needs for security and control. As organizations scale up, they need to manage risk and stay compliant, but they also need to manage costs. A company’s smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other connected devices — often considered necessary expenses — can quickly escalate budget.

MDM solves a common organizational challenge and prevents the loss of the ultimate, non-renewable resource: time. Setting up new hardware for employees can be time consuming, and on average take about 60 minutes per device. Multiply that by the number of employees and the amount of time spent on set-up skyrockets.

With proper MDM and enablers (like Apple DEP and Android Zero-Touch Enrollment), timing can drop to 30 minutes and even go as low as 5 minutes — representing a time savings of 92%.

A recruitment firm client of ours who purchases more than 200 phones annually has experienced the time and associated cost savings. By using Apple DEP and MDM, new devices are already set up out of the box. Annually, this saves our client almost 100 hours on setting up employees phones — with zero errors. In addition to saving time for the IT manager on the initial set-up, employees can get to work faster without worrying about the different apps to be installed or security settings to be configured.

Protector of Data

Many businesses fall into the trap of putting disaster recovery on the back burner, assuming that because they are small to midsized, they won’t fall victim to a cyberattack; or because they are located in certain areas, they won’t be impacted by a natural disaster.

If you don’t back up your hard drives regularly, that decision could cost you. When you fail to put a disaster recovery plan in place, you could lose big. Around 58% of businesses do not have a backup in place, and roughly 60% of the companies that lose their data will close within six months of the event. Don’t let that happen to your company.

One of our clients lost two years of leads and client data they were storing in an Excel sheet on a local PC that crashed. We were able to recover the files (because we are IT heroes), but a stressful experience like that would have be eased if there was a routine backup plan in place. We, of course, recommend that backups live in the cloud so they are accessible from anywhere.

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