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5 Reasons Why Your Company Should be Using a Virtual Desktop

Businesses are based on information sharing now more than ever. The computer systems you use should help you with your workload and be reliable, flexible, and extremely secure. This is where virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) could come in handy. A decade ago, VDI implementation was something reserved for giant companies with the largest budgets - so expensive there was no way the little guys could afford it. Today however, the costs have become much more affordable.

virtual desktop run by schwalm technologies managed it service in central pa

What is VDI?

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is defined as "the hosting of desktop environments on a central server." In more basic terms, it's a desktop virtualization. It looks like desktop. It acts like a desktop. But nothing is actually stored on your computer, laptop, or tablet. It's all in the cloud.

So what does this mean for information technology and your business? Well, you can power multiple workstations for your employees from a single server. Talk about saving some cash!

This virtual desktop is a copy of a physical PC. It includes the hardware and software, and your employees can easily access all of their programs, data, and applications from almost any device. They are no longer locked into being able to work from their office desktop.

This virtualization technology is ideal for any company where people need to access their programs and files at anytime, but it's especially helpful for:

• Digital Manufacturing (aerospace, automotive, and engineering)

• Media, Marketing and Entertainment (special effects, graphics, 3D rendering, and animation)

• Artificial Intelligence (we don't have an AI client yet, but we're waiting...)

The Benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Adaptable, easy to use and safe, VDI offers incredible benefits to today’s businesses. Here are our top/best/most amazing reasons to make the transition.


VDI allows you to centrally manage your computers much faster than using traditional "everyone's software is on their desktop PC and they cannot access it otherwise." A virtual desktop is essential for accelerating productivity and workflow.

Virtualization also improves business continuity and recovery. For example, if your website crashes or your files get corrupted, your back-up is already built in.


When all of your employees’ PC images are kept on remote servers, VDI can save you quite a bit of space and money. You will no longer have to buy desktop computers (with all the programs, hardware, and software) for your staff.

Not to mention, these virtual desktops can be accessed from a centralized source. This means that less technical support is required – including all of the maintenance costs - for a physical location.


It’s sooooo much easier to install and update new operating systems, like Windows 10, when you have virtual desktops for your employees. Rather than travel to multiple offices or locations, rollout takes place in a smaller number of data centers. Because of this, it takes a lot less time and simplifies the process of initial installation and following updates.

Plus, and maybe the best feature of all, your employees can connect to their workstation from their computer, or – depending on the configuration – from their tablet or smartphone. This is a major advantage for time management, especially when they are traveling.


Centralizing user files is also an important security advantage. Your company’s data will not be at risk due to the negligence of an employee or the theft of equipment. Access to data is secure and cannot be extracted from the stolen computer since the data resides elsewhere.


When a device isn’t loading, the user can quickly access the virtual desktop remotely from any connected device, and get right on task again. And, just to remind you again, since updates aren't made at the physical location, your employee doesn't need to spend 30 minutes to a few hours away from their desk while your IT professional makes updates.

Would a Virtual Desktop Work for Your Company?

VDI isn’t just for large companies anymore. Smaller enterprises – even with only one office location – can benefit from transitioning a virtual desktop.

This technology generates business gains that could quickly increase the competitiveness, productivity, and efficiency of your business. However, keep in mind that a fully cloud-based or data center solution requires a high-performance network connection and fast, reliable, and efficient servers. (We have that.)

Contact us if you have questions or want to give your company the competitive edge it deserves.


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