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Email Filtering is Crucial for Business

Most companies, whether it's a mom and pop or a large corporation, use email as an essential tool. It saves time and helps businesses connect with all the important people in their company. While instantly communicating with your staff and clients is incredibly useful, excessive emails can sometimes logjam your productivity, and that of your employees, too. Often your inboxes will become bloated with unwanted messages. That is where email filtering comes in. If you don't have it yet, you should think about getting it, and here's why:

1. Bye-Bye, Spam!

If you’re using email every day, spam is a fact of life. Automatic filters have come a long way and are able to move most of those suspicious messages to a separate folder. Unfortunately, some of those sneaky buggers get through, and then you are stuck manually deleting them out of your inbox. That new client that just cold emailed you? Well, they may have been tossed into the trash folder while you were power deleting messages. When something like this happens, you’ve not only lost productivity, but a potential new revenue source as well. However, all is not lost. If you utilize an email filtering service, you have an extra layer of protection for you and your employees. That means fewer missed emails, less pointless ones, and a better overall email experience.

2. Keep up the Efficiency

Constant notifications from your email can get you off task. This is only getting worse now that we get emails about every aspect of our lives. Deals, offers, discounts, notifications for social media and more - they hit us every second of every day. A few of these can be important, sure, but many are not relevant to our work. With current technology, email filtering service providers (like us) are making email management quicker and easier for organizations and businesses. If you subscribe to a professional service, it can help your email systems differentiate between important work emails and spam from undesirable sources. It will help your staff stay on track and prevent them from filling their inbox space with unwanted mail.

3. Security, obviously.

Most current cyber threats will try to enter your network through email. It’s surprisingly simple and many of the malicious software programs can download onto computers (and into your servers) without even being detected. With the right email filtering service, this email can be stopped before it even reaches your network. It will scan encrypted text and attachments for hidden threats. If a problem is discovered, the email never even turns up in the inbox, keeping those malicious links at bay. Impressive, right?

If your company wants to streamline productivity, be sure to contact us about our spam protection and email filtering service.


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