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Ransomware Attacks Increasing During Covid-19

Cyber attacks are not slowing down during the coronavirus outbreak. They are increasing. Some cybersecurity firms are seeing an increase as large as 500% with increased attacks on computer resource availability, specifically Ransomware and Malware attacks.

There are many parallels between an infectious virus and threats of cybersecurity. Ransomware will infect a computer and encrypt it, and the only way to decrypt this computer (making it usable again) is to pay a ransom to the hacker(s) who caused the breach. A computer can be infected, and unless the type of infection is designed to be noticed, malicious software could be running in the background - without your knowing.

Phishing attacks and scams use fear and financial incentives to prompt you or your employees to respond. These types of scams are not new, but now they try to impersonate corporations like the World Health Organization. These attacks are specifically aimed at the growing number of employees working remotely.

Is your business safe?

Remote work has been the norm for thousands of companies and millions of workers pre-Covid-19. In the current climate, many businesses and schools have implemented working from home – even if they never thought it would be possible before. According to Crowdstrike, this has led to new security challenges:

• Use of personal devices and email for business or handling sensitive information

• Provisioning corporate assets to support remote working arrangements

• Proper deployment and configuration of remote services, corporate VPNs, and related two-factor authentication methods

Although many companies have systems in place for remote work and personal devices, they have struggled to enforce them. Many companies had to think on the fly as they quickly changed gears for their new remote workforce. This lead to many potential new vulnerabilities, as those home devices may not be as secure.


While you can implement security training with your employees, teaching them the possible risks and ways to manage security on their networks, devices, and data, it is important to recognize that these threats are not going away any time soon. Anticipating an attack is key, as even a short response can be catastrophic. Implementing a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a safe and reliable way to connect with your company servers.

Our recommendation is always to find an IT company BEFORE you are attacked. If you work with a trusted and reputable business, they will be able to ensure your network and data safety in advance. If you aren't currently working with anyone, get in touch with a professional today (seriously - don't wait) so you can implement a strong information technology plan and make the changes needed to protect your business.


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